Thursday, May 25, 2006

Moru kachiyathu

At home we had Moru everyday. 90% of the time, it would be the "cheat" moru and 10 % of the time the real one..with coconut. I can't imagine a malayalee meal without moru.. My kids would drink moru, instead of water,when I make spicy fish curry!!
The most important thing to make moru is good yogurt. It is very easy to make it, even in the cold winter days.
Boil 500 ml of milk and then cool it till it reaches blood warm..( ie, if you dip your finger in, it won't be too hot that you jump up and down). Add a tbl spn of yogurt and mix well. if you are living in a cold place and have an oven, switch on the light inside, chuck the container inside and shut the oven door. Forget about the yogurt for 5 hrs and then open the oven and Take freshly set thick, yummy yogurt out. If you have kids, tell them to remind you that the yogurt is inside the oven!!

coconut:1/2 cup
turmeric:1 tspn
cumin powder:1 tspn
Chilli powder:1/2 t spn

oil:1 tbl spn
shallot sliced fine:1
mustard:1/2 tspn
fenugreek(uluva):1/2 t spn
Curry leaves:1 sprig
Dried red chilli:2 cut in to 1/2 inch pieces
grind the coconut very fine and mix it with the yogurt,1 cup water,chilli powder,turmeric powder,cumin powder, salt and keep it aside for 10 mints.
Heat the yogurt mix, stirring often with a metal spoon on medium fire. Every now and then lift the spoon and examine, if you can see the steam coming out of the spoon. The moment you see that, take the moru off the fire. If you are like me and didn't check, then you will be successful in creating double layer moru!!.. don't believe me? Try and see..
Tadka the mustard, uluva, curry leaves,and the dried chilli in the oil and pour over the moru..

Cheats moru
This is the low fat, pishukki version
No of the ingredients are the same. The process is slightly altered.
heat a casserole and do the tadka first and add the 1 cup water in to the tadka.. watch your hand and face!! then add the yogurt and salt mix(whisk) well and cook over medium heat and check often for the steam coming out of the spoon..


RP said...

Cheat moru kachiyathu is what I always make! Adding coconut happens once in a blue moon.
I don't add water after the tadka though. I dilute the yogurt with enough water first. Then do the tadka in this order- mustard seeds, red chillies, little onion, little garlic, turmeric powder. Then add the diluted yogurt, stir stir stir. When it heats up, remove from the stove, add salt. A 3 minute curry!!

RP said...

Forgot the curry leaves.

Maya Cassis said...

hee hee we all make cheats moru..this is really cool n yum

renuramanath said...

Don't worry RP. This is no 'cheat' moru kachiyathu, but only just one of the many, many versions possible. In Thrissur, the plain 'moru kachiyathu,' is more of a remedy for an upset tummy, than a regular curry. This is very simple. Some clear moru, from which all butter has been removed, better if not too sour. Take it in any vessel, put on stove, add a pinch of turmeric powder, a piece of crushed 'chukku' (dried ginger), a few curry leaves and a pinch of salt. And, stir continously, without stopping, for a few minutes, till the buttermilk comes to a boil. Reduce heat, allowing the froth to subside, and then, boil again for a couple of minutes. The moru will be bright yellow now. This is the ultimate home remedy for any sort of tummy upset, I guarantee you !

starry nights said...

I love moru kids like plain yougurt on the rice.

Kitchenmate said...

i hope it tastes heavenly. We make moru thalichathu (just seasoned with the tadka ingredients) and we love it. Definitely going to try your version with coconut!

gijo said...

the moru kachyathu rocks.
I 'm very happy I came across this recipe. Absolutely fantabulous.Thanks for the sharing.

centipede said...

will it be okay if we add ginger?

Itzme said...

thankz dear for this.
Now i am away from home ,trying this for the first looks nice waiting for my husbands final opinion.fingers crossed thanks once again.
I add ginger too..

Aseem Saxena said...

Hi there:

Am new to cooking and will appreciate your help on these:

1. Can I use dessicated coconut powder instead of fresh coconut

2. What do we do with the shallots? Are they to be fried? if yes, when and to what colour

3. When you say one sprig of curry leaves, how many leaves? I do not get sprigs here :-(

Thank you very much...