Monday, May 01, 2006

Fish Pickle

On sunday, I managed to get fresh red snapper fillet and I bought 2 kg. Some were used for the biriyani, some for the red fish curry and the rest I made in to fish pickle.
This is my grandmother's recipe. Everytime i visited her during the holidays, she would make a big horlicks bottle of fish pickle for me and I had to smuggle and hide it in my hostel room!!!

Fish:Ikg. , cleaned and cut in to cubes
turmeric powder:2 t spn
pepper powder:1 tsp

Marinate the fish in the above mix and place it on a plate lined with plenty of kitchen towel. every now and then turn the fish and change the kitchen towel.till most of the moisture from the fish is removed.(note:you need to use plenty of kitchen towel!!!!) or If you live in a place with good sunlight, dry the marinated fish in the sunlight for half a day.

fry the fish in 1 cup oil till it is lightly fried and drain.

Mustard seeds:2 tspn
fenugreek(uluva):1 tspn
Ginger:2 tspn chopped fine
garlic:2 tspn chopped fine
Chilli powder:1/2 cup
boiled cooled water:1 cup
vinegar:3/4 cup
sugar:1 1/2 t spn

heat the remaining oil after frying the fish. Add the mustard and uluva, when it stops spluttering add the ginger and garlic, when they brown, take the pan off from the fire and add the chilli powder.. stir quickly, when the raw smell from chilli powder is gone add the water and place it back on fire. when the water boils, add the fish, vinegar, salt and sugar. stir gently to mix.
Note: grandmother sieve and drain the oil after frying the fish( I am too lazy!!)
2. she uses nallenna, which I don't get here. i use any oil..not castor oil though
3.she uses 1 1/2 cup vinegar..I use heinz and it is strong
4. she uses 1 1/2 cup of chillipowder and I need a fan when I go to the loo..


quills said...

oohhhh...I am drooling here.:) Love to have that with the fish biriyani (never tried it before)for lunch today.

Anonymous said...

This is not fair! you should make arrangements to post it also.!

Puspha said...

This sounds super delicious. Thanx for sharing te recipe.

RP said...

I love fish pickle.....and shrimp pickle. I only have some lemon pickle right now. Time to pickle....

Sarah said...

quills:try it let me know
lg:when you are in vancouver let me know
Pushpa:thank you
rp:I also love pickle..esp pazhamanga achar!!

Maya Cassis said...

mouth watering here