Thursday, May 18, 2006

Parippu curry

There are so many versions of this curry.. We make the simple version.
When you eat a sadya, after the rice is served, then a pour a spn of home made ghee on the rice. after that they serve parippu curry and pappadam.
LG.. I am hoping that you would guide me through the steps...of serving the sadya the right way..

Parippu curry

Green gram dal: 1 cup
water:3 cups
turmeric powder:1/2 t spn

grated coconut:1 cup
garlic:2 cloves
cumin powder:1/2 t spn

Ghee: 1 tbl spn
mustard:1/2 t spn
shallots:sliced fine 2
dried red chilli:2 broke in to 1/2 inch pieces
curry leaves: 1 sprig

Heat a woke, fry the dal without washing till it is lightly browned. take it off from fire and wash. Then boil it with 3 cups of water and turmeric powder.
Grind the coconut with garlic and cumin powder to a fine paste. When the dal is cooked add the coconut paste and boil . When the dal is boiling. take it off from the fire.
Heat a wok, add the ghee, then the mustard, when the mustard finished spluttering add the shallots, when it is browned,reduce the fire add the chillie and curry leaves, stir for a minute and take it off from fire and pour over the cooked dal.
Tomorrow we make Shallots sambar.
Lg..if the order is going kaput, guide me..


Anonymous said...

Actually,don't you think it is split green gram dal (mong dal) without the husk?

i dont really know about the exact tradition,okay.Will tell you what i know.

archana said...

Hi Sarah,
Just hopped in to say Hello. We call this curry as Kattyparippu and it is made with split green gram without seed coat. Atleast in some parts of Kerala i have seen this parippu served in the center of the leaf and topped with few drops of ghee, even before rice is served. Then a big spoon of rice is served on top of it, and off u go with pappadom and ghee. But the most common serving plan for this curry is as you have described ( or that's what i think !!!!)

RP said...

Do you have a list of all items of the sadya? rice, thoran, avial, olan, kaalan, pachadi, erisseri, pickles, pappadam, pazham, paayasam, upperi, sharkara upperi, parippu curry, ghee, sambar? Any additions? subtractions? Does onasadya remain same all over kerala? Or does it change and have variations as we travel from north to south?
I want sadya NOW!(drools)

starry nights said...

Sarah thank you for sharing all this with other bloggers like me.Even though my mother and my husband is from kerala, i dont know much ,I grew up in Bangalore and have spent most of my life in the U.S.I am learning so much from you.Thank you.

hope and love said...

i have decided to try out a new recipe every week.. so u can expect me here regularly..

Sumitha said...

Hey rp u forgot Ingipuli!

Sarah said...

lg: cherupayar parippu alle?

Archanat: thank you.. I ate sadya at my grandmother's house. She tried teaching me all the tht time I was far more interested in eating the upperi than listening to her!! I remember, I had to mix the food and keep a bit on the side for onathappan!

rp:pls tell me the order.. wht goes and there is even a requirement with the total number of curries and how many pickles etc.. do you remember any?
I remember mine was something like this, parippu papadam, sambar, moru, kalan,pachadi,kichadi thoran,olan,injipuli,achar, upperi and payasam, pazham..
Starrynights: We have a unique history and I only know a part of it.. I want to make sure my kids will learn to appreciate wht Kerala has!! I am glad you find my journey interesting.. thank you

Hope and love: hmm.. that is nice

Sumitha: pls tell me how it was served in your place.

archana said...

I have heard that in some places in Kerala, they serve some good,not too dilute sambharam ( with plenty of ginger, curry leaves and some green chillies) soon after you finish eating
and before u close your vazhayila. A little help for your overloaded digestive system, perhaps . I don't remember my mother doing this, but always heard my valyammachi talking about it.

Sarah said...

Archana" abt closing the ila, although we hv just started our sadya blog, i need clarification. at home I hv closed the leaf away from me and in Malaysia, my tamilian friends were offended, when i did tht. they said, if you liked the food you close towards you, if you don't it is away ffrom you.. Is there anything like tht in Kerala?

RP said...

Please don't ask me the order. I am only good at eating a sadya, not serving. I am watching your blog closely so I can learn to serve it too. You are doing a good job. :)