Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Fish with Raw Mango

Every summer I would be waiting to go to my grandmother's house. We had plenty of mango trees and My grandmother would make most of the curries with mango. This is one such dish

Fish, cleaned and cut in to chunks: 500 gms
shallots, sliced in to fine slivers:3
garlic, sliced in to slivers:2 cloves
1 inch ginger julienned
chilli powder:1 tspn
coriander powder:1 tbl spn
turmeric powder:1 t spn
Cumin powder:1/2 t spn
green chillies, split in to half:5
green mango, sliced:1
curry leaves:1 sprig

In a chatti,put all the ingredients and 3/4 cup of water. cook on medium flame.

While the curry is boiling, grind 4 tbls spn of fresh coconut very fine. when the fish is almost cooked add the ground coconut and cook till the gravy is thick.

You can add a tbl spn of coconut oil at the end, to make it even more tastier.


RP said...

Wow! Fish curry with mango is my favorite. My mom & grandmom make this, and I just love to eat those mango pieces from the curry. But my husband doesn't like fish curry prepared this way. He wants kodampuli! I hate to make the curry in two different pots, one with raw mango & one with kodampuli. So I just go with my husband's favorite. Besides, it is very difficult to find good sour raw mangoes here in this part of the world. Man, first time visiting here, and what a big comment. Loved your blog. Will visit more often.

Anonymous said...

I can count the days when my lunch box to school didnt have this fish curry. Either with kudampuli or with mango. My mom makes very few recipes and this is her best. So all my school memories are tinted with this fish curry.

hope and love said...

i came this blog of urs only today.. its simply fantastic..!!

starry nights said...

Fish curry with mango I must make. thanks for the recipe.

Maya Cassis said...

oh !your recipes are scrumptious.I just so hooked here:)))))

ശാലിനി said...

I had this curry yesterday, after a long period. No wonder, it tastes great!