Wednesday, April 12, 2006


The story of how Avial was invented is historical. But how it can also become a disaster is history.
We had a malayalee cook in the medical school hostel and after begging him for ever, he promised to make avial.. I can still recall vividly, the walk to the hostel mess anticipating a nice malayalee lunch. I took a huge serving of avial with my rice.
I sat down to eat and the avial looked nice and yummy..I mixed rice and avial and placed in my mouth and the whole thing came out faster than Saddam's scud. It was BITTER.. The cook decided to follow the word avial literally and added all the vege available including Bitter gourd!!!

The original recipe calls for yams and colocasia.. Where I stay neither is available so I make do without it.

3 potatoes, each cut in to 8 pieces
2 carrots, cut in to 1/2 inch rounds
handful of green beans cut in to one inch piece

1/2 cup coconut grated
2 cloves of garlic
5 green chillies
1 t spn turmeric
1/2 t spn cumin powder

1 sprig of curry leaf
2 tbl spn thick yogurt
2 tbl spn coconut oil

In a pot add the cut vege and 1 cup water, cook till the veg is almost done. Grind the coconut, greenchilli and garlic fine and add it to the cooked vege, along with salt, cumin powder and turmeric. Reduce the fire and cook slowly, swirling the pan once in a while to mix.. After abt 10 mints, take it off from the fire, add the curry leaf, coconut oil and yougurt, while the vege is hot.. mix well and enjoy with rice


aquamarine said...

will remember to tag you. Great cuisine blog. I was in Canada for two years. I hope to return there sumtime and visit BC. Heard it is beautiful!

Sarah said...

aquamarine:Thanks for visiting. yes BC is absolutely beautiful...That comes from a woman born in the land below the wind!!!

Jay said...

Never tried making avial. I shudder at the thought of pouring yougurt in the end!:)
Avial is the dish in which the aroma and flavour of coconut oil is pronounced at its best, right?

Sarah said...

yes is the best of wht Kerala can offer in one dish..
I hated it when mother made it.. She is stingy by birth...and would add tamarind instead of yogurt..then save on the coconut and then thee oil.. resulting in a curry tht looked like avial, but tasted awful. My grandma made the best avial in the whole world!!!

CyberRowdy(Q8TechDrive) said...

but excuse me...avial with potatoes? with carrot? yoghurt?

Sarah said...

I live in a small white community.. I can't get any normal ingredients for avial...but that doesn't mean i shouldn't make improvise.. it taste yummy..
and yes in our part of kerala..we use yogurt for puli..

CyberRowdy(Q8TechDrive) said...

ullathu kondu avial!...yeah agreed

renuramanath said...

hi IC, i just happened to see this post on its name implies, aviyal is literally an aviyal. you can make it with everything. but, bittergourd is ok, if you add just a small piece, just for the flavour. drumstick is another 'must' for us to make the 'perfect' aviyal.
but, we never use potatoes. it makes me feel gooey to think of potato or chembu in aviyal. chena is integral. so also, carrots. it gives colour. add some beets, you get wonderful red aviyal. i love it, though rajan (my hubs), hates it. it you want dry aviyal (sadya aviyal), don't overcook veggies. don't grind coconut finely, but only coarsely. add minimum water. mix the almost dry coconut mix, stir vigoously and add coconut oil in the end.