Thursday, June 15, 2006

Inji puli

This particular dish comes in many different names. Malyaless are after all very intelligent. The dish looks and taste the same.. but it is called, inji curry, puli inji, inji achar etc..
Why do I like it? I am after all a Malaysian..( where else will you get fish curry with sugar in it??) and I like sweet and sour food.. and this one is all encompassing..and when you take a first bite.. you can see the elephants, you can feel the land immediately after the harvest and you feel yourself being magically transported to Kerala...they call it God's own country..for a reason.. Ask any malayalee..they all tell you the same... the malayalee food magically takes you home, however far you are from Kerala..that my friends unite us..irrespective of, if we are Malaysian malayalee, or American Malayalee..

Ginger: 100 gm
tamarind paste: 1 tbl spn
Chilli powder: 2 t spn
coriander powder:2 t spn
fenugreek/uluva podi: 1/4 t spn
LG kayam( asafoetida):1/4 t spn
turmeric powder::1/2 t spn
brown sugar: 2 t spn

oil: 3 tbl spn
mustard: 1/2 t spn
dried red chilli:2 broke in to 1 inch pieces

Clean and scrape the ginger. Cut in to fine slivers(1/2 inch long).

Heat oil. Add the ginger and fry till it is browned and take it out from the oil using a slotted spoon.

Dilute the tamarind in 2 cups of water, add all the powder and keep aside.

In the remaining oil( after removing the ginger) fry the mustard and dried chilli, pour the tamarind water and boil. When it boils well add the ginger, brown sugar and salt... when the gravy becomes thick, take it off from fire and cool and eat with rice and dal..and you will see the elephants all dressed in the royal splendour waiting for the Mahabeli..


RP said...

Hey I made this a week ago. I took enough ingredients to last for 3 weeks. But we licked the bowl today. We call it inji curry.

Hmm.. this recipe calls for LG!! Watch out LG! Hide somewhere before everyone comes to you with a teaspoon. LOL

Maya Cassis said...

I used to have a colleague from trissur who used to get her grandma's inji puli and it was world famous in our hostel mess :))

RP said...

I have tagged you for a meme. Please check it out.

Puspha said...

I lurve inji puli. Thanx for sharing the recipe chechi.

Vineela said...

Hi IC,
i like this chutney.
My mom makes this for pesarattu.

Shankari said...

this is a new recipe to me. Can I eat this with dosai, what is it typically eaten with

Annita said...

Thanks for this..I was actually looking for a good recipe of Inchi Puli..We make it in a slightly different way..Thanks

archana said...

Finally we got a recipe to pickle LG, thank you Sarah !!!!! The processing of ginger is a little bit different in the version my mother makes.She either grates ginger finely before frying or cuts into slivers, fry and then grinds. I make it often, and love it sooooo

Anonymous said...

Aha! You linked me!!!!! methran thambi's grandaughtereeeee vechittunttundu ketto!!

Anonymous said...

cool .. nice one .. let me try

Enigma said...

wow i love this..:)love anything with ginger flavour