Monday, March 20, 2006

Egg Curry

Kids love to eat egg curry with roti canai.. Wondering if I make roti canai at home.. yes I do and the remanents of the last one is still stuck on the ceiling!!! You know the flipping part!!!!like the annai at the warong..only this time the ceiling is too low..
I try to make them eat a bit of spicy food.. Older 2 can tahan, the youngest is all too matsalleh and would gulp gallons of water.. This is my orthodox syrian christian grandma's recipe. She uses fresh coconut, she holds the coconut(after removing the outerlayers and the husk) in her hand and use the parang and give it one solid whack and the whole thing splits in to 2, I tried the same stunt and almost landed with severed palm.
Eggs..boiled 4
onion. 1/2 chopped
ginger 1/2 inch chopped( she actually grinds it, me too lazy)
Coconut 100 gms, scraped and ground.. If you are using dessicated coconut, soak in hot water and grind
2 green chillies sliced
2 potatoes peeled and cubed
1/2 t spn chilli powder
1 t spn coriander powder
1 t spn garam masala
1 tbl spn oil
Heat oil, saute ginger, onion, potatoes, add the ground coconut and fry for a few mints, add the spice powders, fry for few mints, add salt and a cup of water, cover and boil till the potatoes are done, remove the lid and add the boiled eggs, heat for another 5 mints
Actually my grand ma does the tadka and pour it over the curry.. I never do it.. again.. too lazy


Puspha said...

Ahh!!! Now u can makan telur already ah?

Sarah said...

anak boleh makan lah.. Me observing lent lah.. till april 16th

Mohit said...

This is an authentic keral egg curry recipe.I have tried this and it came out very well. Thanks!