Thursday, November 30, 2006

Christmas recipes

Every year on the first day of Nov, I soak the fruits for the christmas cake. You may ask Why Nov 1st?
2 reasons.
The first one: Kerala celebrates Kerala day on that day and being a malayalee I celebrate Kerala day
The other reason is, it is the perunnal(festival) of Parumala Thirumeni, patron saint of Jacobite Christians.
I usually soak 1.5 kg of mixed fruit in 2 cups of rum.

I bake the cake on the 1st of december and from then on, every week I pour a tbl spn of rum on top of the cake till Christmas..( did I tell you, my kids are normally well behaved and extremely sleepy after eating the christmas cake??)

This year, I am taking my oldest daughter through a culinary journey of the Christmas of my childhood..
I remember having vattayappam, pal appam, stew, orappam, kuzhalappam, achappam and ofcourse Christmas cake every christmas as a child.
Join me as I make all the wonderful goodies and celebrate another year of peace and happiness


techno malayali said...

How old is your oldest daughter?
What is Orappam?

SK said...

definitely will..thanks for sharing Sarah !!

Sarah said...

Techno: Orappam is the best part of malayalee dessert.. It is made out of coconut milk and something like halva..but much easier than halwa..
My oldest daughter is 8 yrs old and is starting to ask about her identity.. She wants to know more about Kerala and our culture..

Sk: That would be lovely

Anonymous said...

wow christmas recipes!i love Christmas...who doesn't?!!
am busy updating my recipe book with your recipes

VIDYA said...